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We offer a large range of services to help you.

From buying your first home through to investing in property and SMSF lending to build your wealth and financial peace of mind.

Personal Financial Strategy

All the services Richmond Residential offer, from mortgage broking through to sourcing investment strategies, are guided by a Personal Financial Strategy catering to your specific financial goals.

Where you are now and where you’d like to be
Our first meeting will be a relaxed and honest conversation about your current financial position and what you would like to achieve. From here we help you formulate a realistic and achievable plan to meet your goals. You will notice very quicly that you have hidden potential! 

You’re in charge with a professional as your guide

Your financial strategy is not set in stone. It can be altered easily as your life moves through different stages. You are always in control of what direction you take. Based on your plan, you will make future investment decisions with confidence.

At Richmond Residential it is our role to lay out the path to your goals.

Ongoing review
As already mentioned, we know life changes therefore setting review times can ensure we're always heading in the right direction.

Book a strategy session
We want to help you achieve your full financial potential. To start a conversation about your financial goals and how you can make them a reality book a Personalised Financial Strategy Session.

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Home Loans, Mortgage Restructuring

You may have just created a financial strategy with the team or perhaps you're researching the mortgage market. Either way, Richmond Residential can help you with the mortgage product most suitable for you.

Why you want to work with a broker
Richmond Residential is free to choose from any lender as we have our own Australian Credit Licence. We can freely source the most appropriate loan for your circumstances and deal with a number of banks and non bank lenders. However, if you do have a preference for a particular bank, just let us know and we can look at their products to make sure they are the most suitable for your situation.

Loans that match your lifestyle
We will recommend a loan that fits with your lifestyle, so you don’t have to sacrifice the activities that you love in order to achieve your financial goals.
Interested in what you might be able to borrow?
If you want to discover your borrowing potential, book a free 45 minute consultation to make sure the numbers add up for you and your lifestyle.


Business Loans

Are you keeping up to date with what's available in business finance?


As well as standard business loans there are many other types of loans that  cater to the financial needs of your business.

Discuss your needs with us and we can show you products to help you achieve your business goals.

We have access to a large number of loan providers and will save you precious time, allowing you to avoid applying to multiple lenders. 

Book a consultation
We want to help you achieve your business goals. To start a conversation book a Business Loan Initial Consultation.

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Private Property

Property Investing

​​If buying an investment property is part of your financial strategy, we can help to make this a reality.

Property Selection
The Richmond Residential team uses their expertise and  relationships with other professionals to make sure your journey is hassle free.


She sources new properties from developers and builders, carefully considering the rental return on each investment.

Follow a plan
The best way to utilise Angela’s property expertise is to begin with a Personalised Financial Strategy. Book a consultation with Angela to help determine if you're ready.


Speak with us

You're ready to make some changes and begin to take control of your finances


If you're not sure where to go to from here, then book a telephone call with Richmond Residential to learn more about how we can help you.

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