• Angela Dye

Where does all my money go?

This is a question Angela hears time and time again when chatting with clients. It's also a question that you need to know the answer to.

We make plans for a holiday and a special birthday celebration, and likewise we should have a plan for our finances. It is empowering to get a good handle on where your hard earned money is spent – it continues to run out that door whether you track it or not!

February is a perfect time to gear up for the year ahead. With the Christmas break over and the kids back at school a sense of ‘normality’ has returned in our day to day lives and our budget.

Has your spending changed from last year? You may have started a new job or be working more or less hours. The kids may have started or stopped school – these two things alone will make a huge difference to your income.

Come in for a chat and we can talk through your scenario to see if you are on track and check if you are heading towards where you want to be. If you have a friend or family member that would benefit from a consultation please pass my details on to them.

No questions or queries are too small.

Did you know? You should review your mortgage every 2 years to get the advantage of new products and rates

Services we offer

· Financial strategy

· Home loans

· Property investment

· Financial planning (including insurance, retirement, superannuation and SMSF)

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