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Podcast 5 – On the Journey

Podcast 5 – On the Journey

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Richmond Residential Podcast Cover
Pod casting from Sydney, Australia – Welcome to Take Control and become the expert in YOUR finances, where You’ll discover sound principals and proven strategies to take your Financial Position to the next level, giving you Complete Control and Certainly in today’s turbulent economic conditions.
– Angela Dye! 


Episode 5: 
On the journey
how do you determine what product is the best one for me
Why do you say not to get caught up in the interest rate
how do we work together to achieve our goals

  • Identify the best product for me, and how to use product
  • Prepare for life’s uncertainties and for future expenses, children, uni, holiday etc

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Here is a small sample of the Podcast content below:

Hi everyone. It’s Angela Dye here. Welcome back. I hope you’ve enjoyed everything so far. On the last podcast, we were talking specifically about what we do with your current financial products and whether we have to refinance them. In this podcast, what we’ll do is discuss the products that are actually available and things like interest rates and what they can do for you.

So Angela, how do you actually determine what the right product is for me and what would empower my strategy to move forward as quickly as possible?

Well, it goes back again to what we always say – your goals and your dreams and your budgets and your lifestyle. So the main thing we need to do is make sure that we put in place a transactional account. The transactional account is usually the main account, so it usually sits against the owner-occupied property and it give us a facility to be able to pay certain parties, do BPAYs, pay anyone, checkbook if we need it.

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