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Podcast 4 – Start the process

Podcast 4 – Start the process

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Richmond Residential Podcast Cover
Pod casting from Sydney, Australia – Welcome to Take Control and become the expert in YOUR finances, where You’ll discover sound principals and proven strategies to take your Financial Position to the next level, giving you Complete Control and Certainly in today’s turbulent economic conditions.
– Angela Dye! 


Episode 4: 
Start the process

Will I have to refinance the loans I have.
What do you mean by the structure of a loan.
What is auxiliary debt.

  • What loans do you already have?
  • Do they need to be restructured, how can we use them?
  • Get rid of auxiliary debt / credit cards
  • Loan types and how to use them
  • How to use mortgage products to maximum potential
  • Power of 1$

For More Information Visit: http://www.richmondresidential.com.au/

Here is a small sample of the Podcast content below:

Hi everyone. I’m Angela Dye. Thank you for joining me today on my next podcast. I hope you’ve enjoyed the previous ones and you’re learning something from them or trying to put them into action. Today’s podcast we’re going to now put all that together and we’re gonna discuss how we now use everything that we’ve learned so far to help you with your financial strategy. We’re gonna look at the financial products that you currently have and see whether or not we can use them.

So does this mean, Angela, that I have to refinance the loans that I already have?

Not necessarily. I have to look at everything that you’ve got. We have to see what loans you have in place. If you’ve got multiple properties, we look at whether or not they’ve cross-collateralized. That means they’re linked together, so if something went wrong in a loan, the bank can technically take both properties. They can put them both on the market for sale and then possibly the one that you’re living in – your home – could be the one that sells first – that clears the debt – or you could be in a position where you’d need to sell both.

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