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Podcast 3 – What’s Next – Goal Setting

Podcast 3 – What’s Next – Goal Setting

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Richmond Residential Podcast Cover
Pod casting from Sydney, Australia – Welcome to Take Control and become the expert in YOUR finances, where You’ll discover sound principals and proven strategies to take your Financial Position to the next level, giving you Complete Control and Certainly in today’s turbulent economic conditions.
– Angela Dye! 


Episode 3: 
What’s Next – Goal Setting

why is it important to have financial goals
what id my goals are to high or to low
what if I want to change my goals
how do we link all the parts of the strategy together together.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • If there was no limit what would you do?
  • Financial strategy, cash flow based on Budget / Spending

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Here is a small sample of the Podcast content below:

Hi. I’m Angela Dye. Thank you for joining me on today’s podcast. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the podcasts on the website so far. Now we have discussed budgets and how they link with your income and how they can help you with your financial future. It’s time to move on to the next, which is goal setting.

So Angela, is there any particular age group or type of person that this whole strategy is going to work best for or is it gonna work for everyone basically?

Should work for everybody. Whether you’ve already got property or you’re looking to buy property, you want investment portfolios, you want an owner occupied, or you just wanna take control of you day to day finances, this should work for anybody who is currently working, has an income, and wants to make the most of it. For people who aren’t currently working, there might be unemployment benefits. It still helps to have a budget. If everybody has a budget, then they know where they’re heading. So we can help anybody.

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