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Podcast 2 – Linking Budget to Income / Liabilities

Podcast 2 – Linking Budget to Income / Liabilities

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Richmond Residential Podcast Cover
Pod casting from Sydney, Australia – Welcome to Take Control and become the expert in YOUR finances, where You’ll discover sound principals and proven strategies to take your Financial Position to the next level, giving you Complete Control and Certainly in today’s turbulent economic conditions.
– Angela Dye! 


Episode 2: 
Linking budget to income / liabilities

What is the next step after the budget
Why do you ask about our current financial position
How do we use the budget and cash flow in our strategy

  • How do we benefit from using a cash flow Cash flow –
  • How do we determine whether we are Overspend / Underspend –
  • Current Financial Situation leads to goal setting

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Here is a small sample of the Podcast content below:

Hi everyone. It’s Angela Dye here again. Thank you for joining me. Hope you enjoyed the last podcast on the budgets. If you have any questions regarding that, you can go to the website and email me or you can call me on the numbers for the office that are on the website. Today we’re gonna go forward to the next podcast, which is linking the budget to the income.

So Angela, what is the next step after we’ve actually finished our budget?

Once you’ve finished a budget, then we have to make sure that it works with your current income and your current [unintelligible]. So then we have to start doing our cash flow. So based on the numbers that I take from the clients – and they’re different for every client – I put together a cash flow that projects forward what’s going to happen with their finances based on the budget that they’ve given me.

And so are we taking into account their current situation – current financial position?

Yes, we are. We have to look at everything that they have.

At that point, yeah?

Yeah, we have to look at everything that they’ve got.

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