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Newsletter No.4

Newsletter No.4

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Hi from Angela!

Always know your WHY when investing

Welcome to this issue and I hope it finds you well and warm! Investing in property is exciting and a bit scary at the same time but there are a lot of steps you can take to make it financially safer and emotionally easier.

Get the reason you want to invest clear and then get a

grip on your current finances, not what they will be when you get your next pay rise, but today!

Be proactive and do your own research and attend property seminars, but be careful not to commit to anything on the spur of the moment. Every investment is a big outlay and you need to think carefully if it is the right one for you.

Make sure you understand what type of loan you have and why, have an exit strategy in place and always ensure that you can service the loan that you get.

When you have sought professional advice and got all your ducks lined up then it’s time to jump in the water and test the temperature! If your decision is based on solid research and sound advice you have done all you can to minimise your risk. Investment property can really help you have the lifestyle that you want, now and in the future.

Contact me if you would like any more information on property investing – no questions or queries are too small … 02 8824 4000, (M) 0414 608 970 or email: angela@richmondresidential.com.au

Did you know?

Once you have gone unconditional on a contract of sale you are locked in. If you then cannot finalise the purchase you will lose your deposit and possibly other costs as well.

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Services we offer

  • Financial strategy
  • Home loans
  • Property investment
  • Financial planning (including insurance, retirement, superannuation and SMSF)

Until next time, happy investing!


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